Speed Sales and Boost Price with Home Staging

When it’s finally time for an elderly parent or other relative to sell their home and downsize or move into a retirement home or long-term care facility, families can be overwhelmed by the accumulated possessions.  But realtors will confirm, that it’s vital to declutter and stage a home properly so that potential buyers can visualize living in the space better.  Clearing out a house can be an emotional experience for seniors, and care must be taken to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

By making necessary repairs, and in some cases renovations, homes can sell more quickly, and often at a significantly higher price.  Families, especially those with young children and busy careers, are hesitant to purchase a home that will immediately need updating.  According to a recent Washington Post report, buyers make their decision within the first 15 seconds – so first impressions are critical. 

Hiring a professional to stage and photograph or record a video tour of a home can increase the sale price, and help move the property more quickly, avoiding months of carrying costs.  According to the National Association of Realtors, a staged home is likely to increase the offered price by between 1 percent and 5 percent.  

A fresh coat of paint, carpet cleaning, and sparse well-placed furnishings with updated bedding, throw pillows and hand towels can make a big visual impression.  Certain out-of-style or large pieces of furniture may need to be removed – especially in smaller spaces.  Home stagers will usually recommend painting in neutral colours and removing any personal photographs.  A few bright pops of colour from an accent wall or artwork can modernize a space. 

Outdoors, things should be tidy and clean, with trees and bushes trimmed and the lawn edged.   Painting the front door or shutters can brighten up the entrance and a pot of flowers and fresh mulch will help make the home look more inviting.  Creating a small seating area at the back or side of the home will also give potential buyers ideas for how they can use outdoor spaces. 

Are you thinking about selling in the next year?  The whole process can be made easier by decluttering now and making a list of all repairs and updates that will be necessary.  For inspiration, check out the 2024 Color Collection of the Year – Renewed Comfort by HGTV and Sherwin Williams.