Round Two of Decluttering

It’s the New Year and although 2022 carries many of the same uncertainties of 2021, it is still a time to look forward with hope and optimism and to set intentions that will support health, well-being, and prosperity.  With a recent surge in the Omicron variant, once again people will be spending more time at home this winter which provides the opportunity to declutter, start a new exercise program or complete some to-dos around the home. 

Many older adults retired during the pandemic and those still working may have found that their wardrobe has shifted.  Donating professional clothes or uncomfortable shoes can not only give you more space, but you may also be helping someone entering the workplace dress for a job interview.   Clothes that no longer fit, don’t feel good to wear, or are in poor condition can also be let go, helping you to move forward with a lighter load.

Many people tried out new hobbies over the past 20 months, and inevitably some didn’t stick.  If you have painting supplies, puzzles, or yarn you know you won’t use, declutter and try donating them or selling these items on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay.  The holidays can be an expensive time of year, especially with rising food prices, and selling unwanted or unused goods in the New Year can help offset this financial burden. 

In addition to getting rid of tchotchkes that no longer spark joy, decluttering should also include ditching expired medication, food, and makeup.   Old cosmetics and skincare products can harbor bacteria and contribute to eye infections or skin irritation.   Products that have been around for more than a year can become contaminated with fungus, yeast, and bacteria. Makeup brushes and applicators also should be cleaned often or replaced.   Eye makeup, especially mascara and eyeliner, can cause allergic reactions and should be replaced more often – about every 6 months. 

Digital clutter can also sap time and energy.  By deleting unused podcasts, music, videos, and apps, you can free up more mental (and storage) space.  Unsubscribe from emails you no longer wish to see and consider which social media platforms are actually beneficial and not just a time suck. Stick with the things that have positive associations and you will have more space for new experiences and meaningful relationships in your life.