Because we’re all aging so why not do it together.

The Oldish is on a mission to help people age proactively. What does that mean? It means that the old metrics surrounding aging are no longer efficient or effective. The demographic of aging seniors is expanding rapidly and the need to be informed and able to advocate for themselves has never been more critical.

Whether our readers are concerned about their own aging process or looking after an aging parent or maybe both, everyone wants to make the best choices. But there’s a lot of noise out there. What are the best sites? What is the most current information? Who do we trust?

The Oldish writes articles across six channels based on current, supported information. We intend to help our readers be proactive about their own care, about their own aging process and about helping aging parents make informed decisions.

We want our advertising content to cut through the noise as well. None of our ads are random. Our advertising partners can choose from two methods of bringing their content to our readers.

  1. Traditional Banner and Display ads
  2. Topic-based advertising

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