Satisfying Sex After Seventy? Absolutely!

More older adults are having sex than they were 40 years ago, according to research from a Swedish study that has surveyed adults over the age of 70 since 1970.  The study,  published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal),  found that 25 per cent of older adults today report having sex at least once a week compared with only 10 per cent in the 1970s.

In 1971, 52 per cent of married men surveyed reported they were still sexually active while currently, 68 per cent of married men say they are still having sex.  And women in their 70s are also engaging in more sex than ever before.  Only 38 per cent of married women reported being sexually active in 1971 while research finds today’s numbers are closer to 56 per cent.   Similarly, older single adults say they have remained sexually active and at least half of both men and women reported they were “very happy” with their relationships.

Why Are Older Adults More Frisky Today?

Seniors are living longer today and in better health so they are more physically able to participate in sex.  Positive attitudes about aging and towards sexuality in general also contribute to a robust sex life in older age.  Staying physically and mentally fit,  maintaining a healthy diet and weight and getting proper rest doesn’t hurt either.

And of course, there’s the little blue pill.  Older men today are more comfortable talking with their doctor about sexual dysfunctions rather than accepting that sex will naturally wane with advancing age.  There are a number of treatments for erectile dysfunction including medication such as Viagra and treatment options for older women who experience sexual health problems.  To learn more about sexual dysfunction treatment, visit the Mayo Clinic website here.

To read the full study visit the National Institutes of Health Library of Medicine by following this link.