Planning for Round Two of Isolation

As the long winter bears down and once again, households are placed under coronavirus restrictions, it’s a good time to consider how to combat the fatigue, boredom, and restlessness of pandemic quarantine.  With fewer outdoor options in the colder weather, planning a strategy to stay engaged while isolating at home beyond puzzles, sourdough bread, and decluttering is a good idea. 

Keeping good health in mind, a new activity can offer a boost in mood and well-being.  Try a new online fitness class or gear up with nordic walking poles to safely get outdoors this winter.  Although baking can be therapeutic, it’s also important to watch the waistline or the quarantine fifteen might become the COVID 30. 

Teaching yourself, or perhaps a grandchild virtually, how to master some of the more basic skills in the kitchen or with a needle and thread can be empowering.  With extra time on our hands and many restaurants closed for in-person dining, learning to sear the perfect steak, roast a chicken, make fluffy rice, or use leftovers to create a tasty frittata are all skills that will serve families well in the coming months.  

With more time indoors, it can be rewarding to work with live plants and flowers to brighten spirits and make living spaces more beautiful.  Many online classes are available for novices – perhaps this is the year to finally learn how to care for a bonsai or create a festive holiday floral arrangement.  

Music and books are always a great escape and vinyl records continue to sound great.  Break out the turntable and try listening to an album from start to finish. You can even share the experience with friends or family remotely.  Or listen to an audiobook or podcast while getting in your steps on the treadmill or neighborhood walking path.  

Is your financial planning for the future on track?  Taking control of finances and learning more about investing can be an empowering activity during the pandemic.  Even without a health crisis, knowing you are making the most of hard-earned dollars and saving and spending appropriately can give people a greater sense of control and peace of mind for the future. 

How we manage our stress and our physical and mental health will be crucial to weathering this long period of isolation with resiliency and thriving despite the obstacles we may face.  Take care of one another, reach out, stay connected and this too shall pass.