No Excuses with Indoor Exercise Tech

If cold and wind are giving you an excuse not to go for your daily walk, bike or jog, it might be the perfect time to start a new indoor exercise routine before bad habits set in and all the fitness progress from warmer months slips away.  

Staying active can be a challenge for older adults in the winter when snow and ice increase the risk for slip and fall accidents and driving becomes hazardous.  But fortunately, today’s technology can help seniors maintain an exercise routine at home, and even stay socially connected with a variety of tools like live (and recorded) interactive at-home workouts. 

Using platforms like Facebook Live or video call services such as Zoom, people of all ages can schedule fitness into their daily routine without leaving the comfort of home.  Video workouts have long been available for people who don’t enjoy travelling to the gym to participate in group exercise classes.  But new technology allows the trainer to see what participants are doing and offer suggestions to improve technique or form, provide encouragement and keep people engaged.  

According to, technologies like the live streaming platform FORTË, gives members access to live and prerecorded workouts at an affordable price compared with most gyms.  Using a smart-tv, laptop or tablet, users can workout at their own pace with the help of an instructor to keep them motivated.   These classes can be a great way to try out new activities without shelling out for a class pass or joining a gym; perfect for older adults or caregivers with limited personal time.  

Smart workout equipment like Peloton take the at-home spin session to a new level with live streaming and recorded classes.  And the Mirror interactive home gym delivers at-home workouts in a range of levels and interests with real-time instruction; users can also choose to workout virtually with friends.  More companies are jumping on the smart-workout bandwagon, and although they come with a significant price-tag, the convenience and customization may be worth it for many people.  

There are many streaming workouts available to view (or listen to); check out YouTube for live streaming channels like this one by Daily Burn or experience live fitness at home on your TV with Echelon.  

No excuses!