New Guidelines for Fall and Injury Prevention

Frail seniors just got a bit more support via new guidelines from a blue ribbon panel working through Osteoporosis Canada. Doing more to strengthen bones and prevent the fall in the first place is the theme of the recommendations.

The blue ribbon panel wants care homes to put better methods in place for identifying frail seniors who are at high risk for fracturing a hip. Strengthening bones through diet and drugs along with exercises that improve balance and strength are key recommendations.

Should the fall ultimately happen, wearing hip protectors is recommended and has long been one of the best practice guidelines of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. Click here to read the article posted on the CBC’s website or click here to read the entire published article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

This is such a vital issue for the frail elderly. Dr. Marla Shapiro was invited to speak to the new recommendations on Canada AM and you can see that clip by following this link. Note that the wearing of hip protectors is listed right after medications.

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