Granny Pods

Imagine a modular cottage planted in your backyard, hooked up to your water, sewage and electrical and able to monitor your aging loved one 24/7. Would you do it? Lots of people are considering alternatives when an aging parent wants independence but needs monitoring or when they can’t find a suitable assisted living or long term care space near enough to visit regularly. One such high tech alternative is the MEDCottage. Based in Virginia, the N2Care company has developed MEDCottage to assist families with what they term “family-managed health care.”

Filled with technological innovations such as medication reminders, sensors, air filtration systems, body monitors and communication systems in addition to hospital beds, lift tracks and handicapped accessible washrooms, MEDCottage is available in three models ranging from 288 sq. ft. to 605 sq. ft. Of course, all of that technology doesn’t come cheap with prices beginning at nearly $40,000 USD for the smallest model. But with the average cost for an assisted living facility in the United States at roughly the same $40,000 for only one year, the concept of a granny pod may actually be a money saver if your aging parent can sustain independent living over the course of several years. We aren’t far enough down the road to know what kind of resale value a modular granny pod might have but with an increasingly aging population, odds are good that the resale market will be healthy.

Many municipalities are updating bylaws to allow granny flats as our population ages and families opt for one form or another of communal living. With tiny living trending for young people it seems our fascination with monster homes may have come to an end and the era of tricked out tiny living with a purpose is dawning.

Follow this link for a tour of MEDCottage.

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