We’re Living in The Jetsons World

The Jetsons premiered in 1962. I don’t know about you but I found them fascinating. Even as we were entertained by The Jetsons we had to physically go to the bank to get our balance or deposit a cheque. We had to go to the grocery store and walk the aisles, line up to get tickets and decide if that day’s snowfall was worth braving to keep an appointment. With more than 60% of those over the age of 65 now embracing smartphone technology and the number of households without computers shrinking by the day, it’s fair to suggest that the internet changes things, particularly for older adults. In fact, we are living in the world predicted by The Jetsons.

We can engage with family who live in another town or across the world, keep appointments with our doctors and participate in many business or volunteer meetings via one of several video chat platforms. Banking, including bill payment, is quick and easy online. Everything from groceries to gifts to appliances can be purchased online and delivered to our home.

On the health front our sleep, steps and heart rate can all be tracked from the smartwatch on our arm that pairs with the smartphone in our hand and we can send the results to our doctor as needed. Depending on our technology and service plan we can also have phone conversations through our watch.

It all sounds very much like The Jetsons, doesn’t it? They predicted smartwatches, robot vacuum cleaners, pill cams, drones, tabletop computers, holograms and video chats. I guess only time will tell if 3D-printed food also becomes a reality.