Time to Write a Summer Bucket List

Warmer days have finally arrived and many families have a tradition of creating a bucket list of things they want to do while the weather is fair and the days are long; after all “summer’s here and the time is right”.

Seniors too may want to make a similar list, not as a reminder that they’re days are numbered but rather to push themselves to step of the familiar box of routine and learn a new skill or do something they had always wanted to give a whirl.  Summer for older adults doesn’t only have to include the hitting the links, keep an open mind and try something new.

Some Ideas To Get You Started

  • Plan a trip – it can be a day trip to see a play, visit to a historical city or a photo excursion to learn to use that fancy camera you got for the holidays.
  • Take up a new activity – try yoga or tai chi.  Sign up for a class and make a date with yourself
  • See who’s on tour and book concert tickets – many of the older greats are touring again.  James Taylor, Smokey Robinson, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and even Barbra Streisand are all touring this summer.
  • Get out on the water with organized paddles.  If the stand-up-paddleboard (SUP) trend is intimidating, try a small kayak that is lightweight and maneuverable.  Almost anything can be rented for the day.
  • Re-visit something you enjoyed in your younger days – camping, hiking, tennis or painting.  Chances are if you loved it once, it will be just as enjoyable the second time around.
  • Take the grandchildren for a week and plan small outings each day.  Nature walks, flying kites, fireworks displays and planting a vegetable garden are a few options.  Check for local activities – many communities host free outdoor concerts and movie nights.

Summer always seems to fly by too quickly, don’t wait to make plans to make it the best one yet! To find others with common interests or to start your own group, check out http://www.meetup.com .