“The Golden Bachelor” Show Holds Casting Calls

With increasing longevity and good health, more older adults are seeking romantic relationships later in life following divorce or the loss of a spouse.  Dating sites and apps for “silver seekers” are increasingly popular and most recently, The Bachelor dating reality show producers have announced they will be looking to cast “active and outgoing single men and women in their golden years” for a new dating show – The Golden Bachelor. 

A recent tweet from show producer Mike Fleiss hints that after many teasers about a show for older singles looking for romance, a first season is finally in the works.  While not much is known about the format of the reality show, casting calls indicate it’s for older adults seeking a committed relationship, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.  To date, the oldest Bachelorette in the show’s history was the ripe age of 39. 

Casting applications do not specifically cite an age range but ask what age range potential contestants are looking to date and if they have ever been married, if they have grandchildren, and some of their “bucket list” items.  Possible matches might meet one another’s adult children, and initial show announcements suggested contestants would participate in traditional “hometown dates”. 

According to the American Bar Association, 50-plus divorces make up a quarter of all divorces and 1 in 10 are among couples over 65.  While overall divorce rates are declining, “gray divorce” rates are on the rise.  The explanation for this phenomenon may include the dissolving stigma surrounding divorce, greater life expectancy, and more financial independence among women. Following 20 years or more of marriage, and after raising a family, many couples find themselves unhappy in their relationship and with decades longer to live – decide to go their separate ways to find happiness. 

Navigating dating after the end of a long-term committed relationship can be tricky, and with the prevalence of romance scheme fraud – a little risky.  Adult children and grandchildren can complicate matters of the heart, as can financial and health-related circumstances.  Learn more about second-act romance and dating by following this link to the Dating While Gray podcast from North Carolina Public Radio.