“The Conversation”

Harvard Medical School Physician, Angelo E. Volandes, has turned author with a new book called “The Conversation.” Available at Chapters-Indigo  and Amazon in Canada and Amazon in the U.S.A. as well as in audible and digital formats, “The Conversation” deals with end of life issues and the people with whom that conversation needs to be had in order to make sure that each of us has the end to our lives that we want. According to a New York Times article only 26.3% of Americans have a living will. Even for those who do, this document kicks in when the individual is unable to make medical decisions for themselves. “The Conversation” suggests that the discussion needs to be had while we are well enough to understand the options, weigh them carefully according to our own values and then communicate them clearly to loved ones and our health care professionals.

Watch a video below of Dr. Volandes discussing a three-step process and you may decide that the book is your next purchase.