Summer Camp is Not Just For Kids

Now the warmer weather is finally arriving, many parents are scrambling to make summer plans for their children to keep them busy during the holidays.  But summer camp is not just for kids any longer.  A growing number of warm weather retreats for senior citizens are gaining popularity among older adults who want to escape the city heat for a week or two and enjoy favorite activities while getting a little closer to nature.

Seniors may not want to sleep in tents or portage canoes between lakes, but there are many activities that will rekindle memories of youth while promoting social connections, allowing time for quiet reflection or introducing a new skill.  Summer camp is where many of us learned to sail,  to master the J stroke, make a perfect braided gimp bracelet or get over our stage fright with inevitable rainy day talent shows.   And many boomers and beyond are looking for that same experience later in life.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are more than 800 summer camps in the United States for adults and that number is growing by nearly 10 per cent each year.  In  Minnesota, women campers aged 55 and up can hike, kayak, bike and enjoy an evening bonfire.  The Salvation Army Wonderland Camp in Wisconsin also offer a Senior Citizens’ Camp for adults over 62.

And it roughing it isn’t your style, there’s still a camp for you.  Wine Camp, in Calistoga, California offers campers a three-day immersion course in wine making, tasting and food pairing.  Or for music lovers, Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan has added programs for adults in choral music, concert band and chamber music.  Lakeside cabins are available to round out the camp experience.

Other options include the YMCA Active Older Adults’ Camp, the National Audubon Society bird watching and conservation camp as well as numerous sports, writing, arts, theater, dance, and adventure camps.

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