Snag a Great Deal on National Lipstick Day

Everyone is looking for ways to stretch their dollar with inflation and soaring prices for daily essentials.  But we all need a little treat once in a while, a movie night with the girls, a really good bottle of wine, or for those who wear makeup, a new shade of lipstick.  Today is National Lipstick Day – yes, there’s a day for everything, and it’s a great chance to brighten your mood and send out positive vibes with a bright new lippy at a significant discount.  While we’re talking lipstick, it might be a good time to remind older women of some of the best practices when it comes to using this time-honoured cosmetic.

Older lips tend to be a little thinner and can have vertical lines, especially if you drink from a straw often or were a smoker. Dark, matte lipstick can make the mouth appear smaller and highlight lines.  Look instead for a mid-range colour that complements your skin tone, and if you use a liner, make sure it closely matches the lip colour.   Choosing a lip colour that is just a bit darker than your natural lip colour is a good place to start.  Soft reds and corals often suit women over 50 well, and according to The Red Apple Lipstick Blog, it’s best to stay away from beige colours that can wash out older faces. 

Long-lasting lip stains may be popular for its ability to stay put, even under a mask, but it can be unflattering on older lips.  Creamy, rich, but not glittery or frosted lipsticks are more forgiving and can help to keep lips soft and comfortable.  Newer formulas may have a built-in primer to help lip colour stay on longer without drying or bleeding. 

Taking care of your lips with regular exfoliation and moisturizer will help keep lipstick looking its best.  Liner and primer will also help lip colour stay in place longer and require fewer touch-ups. A dab of gloss over lipstick can boost shine and give the appearance of more volume.   Most importantly, have fun with makeup and when you’re not feeling your best, a swipe of red lipstick can instantly brighten your face and your mood.