Smartphone Released for Canadian Seniors

New technology may be overwhelming for elderly users and smartphones are no exception although they do make it easier for friends and family to remain connected with older adults. In response to this need, a new smartphone has been introduced in Canada, designed specifically for seniors.

The Doro 824, launched earlier this month, simplifies software to allow seniors to navigate the phone’s functions easily.  It features fewer and larger screen icons, a larger font and physical buttons to go to HOME, BACK, MENU and for the camera.  Caregivers will be pleased the phone also includes an emergency call button.  When the emergency call is activated, a SMS text message with GPS location is sent to a pre-determined recipient, letting them know there is a problem.  The phone is also compatible with hearing aids.

The  “relative app,” which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store,  allows family members to have access to the phone; they can then update the calendar, share photos, set up video chats and even adjust the ringtone volume or screen brightness remotely.

A second smartphone, the Doro 824 C, was also released for the visually impaired or blind.  Both phones are are available at Bell stores across Canada.

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