Seniors Taking on the Slow Roll

The Slow Roll, once reserved for urban hipsters, has gradually been appropriated by older suburbanites looking for a change of pace in the city where the graffiti and architecture stands in sharp contrast with the manicured lawns and cookie cutter homes of the ‘burbs.

Cycling at a relaxed pace with a large group, discussing everything from craft beer to gentrification, may also soon be on the menu for seniors with mobility restriction thanks to the Danish program, Cycling Without Age.

To help fund programs in the United States and Canada, chapters of Cycling Without Age host a variety of events including Slow Rolls to raise awareness and money.  Volunteers across the country have raised money to purchase rickshaws, powered by a cyclist, to offer elderly and disabled people the opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bicycle.  Not only do participants get a chance to feel the wind in their hair and take a closer look at the world around them, the program offers different generations a chance to slow down and appreciate one another.

Having an outing to look forward to has many health benefits for older adults, especially those living in long-term care or retirement communities where much of the day is spent in bed or watching television.   Experiencing nature up close is associated with better mental and physical health.  Read more about the benefits of regular outings online at the National Institutes of Health by following this link.

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