Senior Planet – A Social Network for Older Adults

Isolation due to COVID-19 led to greater technology engagement by older adults – one of the several silver linings that emerged after two years of pandemic life.  But some forms of social media, like Facebook, can be plagued with misinformation, and at worst, fraud.  Senior Planet, a new social network for seniors launched this week after months of testing which hopes to be a new way for older adults to connect with one another through message boards and online classes. 

Senior Planet Community is a non-profit affiliated with and partly funded by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), according to a recent Axios Technology report.   The brainchild of Older Adults Technology Services, the social network seeks to connect seniors with shared interests in topics like gardening, fitness, cooking, or photography.  

Older adults can join discussions about technology and personal finance, start the day with an online exercise class or join a weekly book club discussion.  In addition to online classes, there will be in-person programming in six regions across the United States once pandemic restrictions have been lifted. 

Senior Planet also provides a Tech Hotline to help seniors with any technological issues.  The hotline is accessible from 9 am – 5 pm EDT Monday through Friday by calling 888-713-3495.  The platform website also provides Tech Tips Video Tutorials for everything from setting up an Apple ID or email account to how to join a Zoom Meeting or create a Lyft account. 

Although Canada does not have an equivalent social network, Everything Zoomer has its own Book Club – Zed, tech tips, games, and a travel club.  Healing Yoga airs daily on the website and there are hundreds of games and quizzes to enjoy. 

Read more about staying safe on social media by following this link to ConnectSafely – a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about safety, privacy, security, and digital wellness.