Senior Concierge Services a Growing Opportunity for Older Workers

Older adults who are ready to ditch the daily 9 to 5 grind are increasingly looking at entrepreneurial opportunities to give them the means and time to enjoy the next chapter in their lives.  And with a rapidly growing elderly population, “senior concierge” service businesses are seeing a newfound growth.

Most seniors are very keen on remaining at home and living independently as long as possible. But when their mobility becomes restricted because they can no longer drive or they are unable to do regular home maintenance, this lifestyle is threatened.   And families can often live at a great distance or are simply busy with their own lives and responsibilities.  Enter the senior concierge; a reliable person who can check in on elderly adults, make sure they are taking their medications, offer companionship, run errands, drive to doctor appointments or de-clutter the home to help prevent falls.

According to the New York Times, by 2030 there will be 72 million Americans over the age of 65.    Nearly 18 per cent of seniors live alone and isolated older adults are at an increased risk of mental and physical decline.

This is a growing market for individuals who may not want to work full time but have skills that can help seniors thrive while remaining at home.  Handyman services or computer technical support can fill a need while providing an opportunity for a flexible work schedule.

There are sites, like that provide home health care aides for seniors or the startup Handy ( which allow users to book home and apartment cleaning, painting, moving, handyman jobs, plumbing and electrical services online or through a mobile app.   And we recently discovered SameAddress which provides services tailored specifically for seniors aging at home with daily living support, home repair and modification and access to professional services like estate planning.  To learn more, visit the SameAddress website here.