Scam Tracker

The Better Business Bureau has launched an online, searchable database of scams that are being reported in Canada and the United States. Follow this link to reach the database where the user can input the country, province or state and date range to view the scams that are hot in a given area. Hot scams are listed and the user can click on the report to see the details of any given scam.

Scams are often successful with aging seniors who are able to be convinced that sending money will result in a grandchild being freed from jail, a lottery win, owed tax money being paid or even a date arranged.

The Better Business Bureau depends on customers to report scams that they experience to keep the map up to date, so calling your local BBB office every time you get a call that sounds suspicious helps everyone.

As always, never give out personal information to strangers or let yourself be convinced to give out your credit card or banking information over the phone.