Real Life Renos Podcast

During The Oldish TV broadcasts, we’ve talked about the Real Life Renos project. It’s a partnership between The Oldish and MS2 Productions and will be a video series and podcast addressing the challenges that families face as they cope with changing needs related to aging, disabilities and changing family dynamics.

The challenges deal with physical space requirements and frequently have an emotional layer that needs to be conquered to move forward. Real Life Renos tells the stories of real people as they recognize the need for change, struggle with options and move through the process to come out the other side with a more successful future ahead.

We’ll meet the families, the contractors, the suppliers and health care professionals as the stories unfold on our video series and the conversation continues on the Real Life Renos podcast.

Below is the player where our readers can listen to the Real Life Renos podcast episodes as they are released. Enjoy!