Plan to Shake the February Slump

While the month of January seems to be whooshing by quickly, there is plenty of Winter remaining in the coming months and it’s common for a February slump to take hold.  But there are ways to boost mood, energy and motivation in a short month that feels long and has us longing for chocolate and decadence. 

Even if your local gym is still closed, a new playlist or online exercise class can help revitalize your daily workout routine.  When winter weather makes outdoor activities hazardous, shake off the winter blues with some uplifting music and dance, walk, or cycle out the cobwebs.   Music has the power to transport us to another time and place, lift spirits or quiet a busy mind.  

If snow and ice aren’t an issue, dress warmly and get outside for a daily walk.  Nordic walking poles, snowshoes, cross country skis and traction devices have seen an uptick in sales this winter as more people look for ways to get outdoors to break up their daily routine and get a dose of Vitamin D.  Daily exposure to natural sunlight not only improves mood, but it can also help regulate a healthy sleep cycle and bolster immunity and bone density.  You may even have an opportunity for social engagement with neighbors, at a safe distance, which can lift the spirits of those living alone. 

Staying socially connected after the holiday season is so important for overall well-being.  Although we may not have exciting adventures to share with friends and families, talking about the small victories and challenges we face each day can help support emotional health.  Isolation takes a toll on all of us, but picking up the phone to talk with a sibling or friend can be a lifeline.  Just as we schedule our work calls, and our exercise, planning for social interaction is a habit well worth forming. 

The Winter is a great season to lay the foundation for Spring and Summer plans.  Gardeners can start to layout planting ideas, order seeds and learn about species that will do well in their environment.  A home project is a great distraction that provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Switch up your home’s colour palette or explore better ways to use your indoor or outdoor spaces. Colour can have a big impact on our sense of calm, energy and mood. Whether you are going for sophisticated tranquillity or vibrant and optimistic, painting a wall or an accent piece of furniture can bring tremendous pleasure at little cost. 

Banish that February slump! What are your winter survival plans?