Personal Health Assistant Launches Trial Service

Despite a growing elderly population, many communities are experiencing a significant shortage of doctors, nurses, and care workers in hospitals, long-term facilities and in-home settings.  Although nothing replaces the human touch, technology can help bridge the gap when resources are stretched thin, and keep older adults safer while enjoying a better quality of life.  Using artificial intelligence, a newly launched digital personal health assistant – Renee, is designed to help older adults stay on track with their daily health plan and medication management. 

According to a recent Vator News report, Renee works with patients to ensure they are taking their medications as prescribed, can receive and share health information like a blood pressure reading with a patient’s doctor, and keep all health information in one user-friendly interface.  Seniors using the subscription service can track prescription delivery, Telehealth, appointment booking, and vitals tracking and can access human assistance when needed – all in one location.  The monthly fee of $24.99 covers appointment scheduling, prescription ordering and delivery, medication reminders, vitals tracking and more.  The activation fee is currently waived and there is a 30-day risk-free trial period available in the United States only. 

When patients are able to integrate all their health needs in one hub, health outcomes were found to improve.  In company trials, users were taking their medications as prescribed more, and accessed home prescription delivery and Telehealth more frequently, improving overall health and requiring less frequent office visits. 

At present, there are about 500 paid users on Renee, and the company plans to cap users at 1,500 during the trial phase to ensure smooth operation before opening the service up to more clients.   As the process moves forward, Renee plans to partner with other companies to expand its services to include being able to take patient vital signs using a smartphone as well as with hospitals and health systems to improve patient care. 

Learn more about how Renee works by following this link to the company website or this link to a video about the service.