Not Too Late to Join in a Sober October

Although Oktoberfest beer tents and football tailgates may highlight the consumption of alcohol this month, more people are taking breaks from drinking for periods of time throughout the year – and it doesn’t have to wait until January.  Sober October is an opportunity to take time away from alcohol and focus on physical and mental health before the festivities of the holiday season are in full swing.  Pressing pause on alcohol consumption can not only help people focus better on projects, fitness and health, but the break can wind up saving people money, helping them drop a few pounds or recommit to eating a nutritious diet. 

According to a recent Wellbeing post in Stylist, taking a month off drinking can also help participants sleep better and have more energy.  You don’t have to go it alone – there are many online groups to help people who are sober or sober-curious.  A sense of community can help individuals stay committed and disciplined in their effort to reframe their relationship with alcohol and focus on their “why”.   There are many reasons people may want to take a short or even permanent break from drinking, and keeping that “why” in the forefront can help abstainers stay on track and avoid any peer pressure or feelings of missing out on something. 

Reframing the experience of taking a break as something to look forward to can also help pave the way to success.  Instead of focusing on what you might be missing out on, cultivating a positive mindset about what might be achieved can be a great motivation.  Feeling well-rested, energetic and alert in the morning, or having more money in the bank are just a few of the many benefits of taking a step away from alcohol.

Filling the time you might have used to unwind, socialize or manage boredom with the help of alcohol is also an essential component of success.  Taking an evening walk, practicing yoga, or finishing a home project can help people from slipping back into bad habits.  Share your sober journey with your friends so they can help support you, and won’t put any pressure on you to drink.  They may even decide to join you!  

There are also a number of charity organizations raising money during Sober October, and plenty of non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits are now on the market for anyone who wants to enjoy a special drink on social occasions without alcohol.   Learn more about having a successful month of abstinence by following this link to Sober October USA.