Not All Seniors Downsize in Retirement

While much of the nation has been swept up in the recent minimalist movement, furiously scouring their homes of possessions that are not considered useful or beautiful, some older adults are quietly upsizing their living spaces as they enter retirement.   And for older adults who have spent most of their lives in crowded and noisy cities, a quiet more contemplative retirement in a small town or in the country beckons them. 

According to a recent article in the Globe and Mail, with the price of condos in large cities, some older adults are moving outside urban centers into larger homes closer to nature, where friends and family can gather and enjoy the quiet and open space.   For older adults just entering retirement,  a family home away from the hustle and bustle of the city can offer new opportunities to enjoy a less hectic pace.  Elderly seniors, however, may not manage as well in smaller rural communities that lack public transportation, nearby shopping, walkability or easily accessible medical care. 

Each circumstance is unique and with greater longevity, many older adults now have the luxury of being able to design their own plan for retirement that can include anything from a one-bedroom apartment in the city to a sprawling ranch in the countryside, and everything in between.  And if reducing your possession to the bare minimum does not bring you joy, it’s perfectly fine to keep the things that make your house or apartment feel like home; provided clutter isn’t creating a hazardous living situation.   One has to wonder how many people got rid of possessions while caught up in the decluttering fad only to later regret parting with all of their grandmother’s good china?

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