New Testing For Senior Drivers

Beginning April 21, Ontario drivers over the age of 80 will no longer have to take a written test but instead will be required to complete a vision test, a driver record review, attend two classes and perform two screening exercises.

The tests are simple, non-computerized tasks designed to identify older drivers who may need a road test or a medical review. The renewal process is estimated to take 90 minutes, less than half the time of the current program and the cost will remain at $32. Drivers over the age of 80 are required to renew their licence every two years.

The new testing is based on the Candrive program which draws on the research from 10 Canadian universities and is aimed at providing a reliable means of evaluating seniors’ safety while driving.

Ontario is the only province in Canada with mandatory education for seniors renewing their driver’s licence.

A detailed explanation of the renewal process is available at . An online practice test and education booklet are also available to download in 16 languages at .