New OS Yields More Age-Friendly Apple Watch

Although the new year doesn’t begin until January, September is a month that feels like a fresh start. The weather and natural environment are rapidly changing and new routines bring a sense of possibility.  Autumn is also the time of year when many new products are introduced to the market including new model cars and smartphones as well as computers and wearable technology.  This fall is no exception, included with Apple’s new Watch Operating System (OS) 7, the feature Family Setup allows the Apple Watch to be set up and configured for kids and older adults without an iPhone.

With the new functions of the Apple Watch, including a shared calendar and reminders, Apple Pay, Apple Music, Map and location sharing, Emergency SOS, Medical ID for health emergencies, and health tracking features, the smartwatch can help protect the safety and well being of older adults.   Watch faces with larger fonts, customizable activity goals, and accessibility features can help motivate seniors to stay active while having the comfort of knowing help is a tap away.  The more affordable Apple Watch SE comes with a compass, is swim-proof, and can detect a fall with the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, calling for help if needed.

Using either a cellular network or GPS system, older adults who may get lost or become confused can get help quickly.  With a heart rate monitor, the Apple Watch can let you know if something is wrong so you can follow up with your doctor.  It can also call for help in an emergency.  Users can even receive a reminder when noise levels get too high in their environment, to wash hands for 20 seconds, or to take a moment to de-stress with the Breathe app. 

If you’re willing to spend a little more for the Series 6 Apple watch, this model includes a Blood Oxygen app, an ECG app as well as high, low, and irregular heart rate notifications.  During a respiratory infection pandemic, these features might offer older loved ones and their families some peace of mind and an early warning if something is amiss.   The Apple Watch 6 is out today, September 18, 2020, and the watchOS7 was launched on September 16.

Learn more by following this link to a recent Apple Press release.