New Kellogg’s Policy Supports Menopause

For millions of middle-aged women suffering the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, there is good news out of the UK where Kellogg’s recently announced it will provide more support to staff experiencing menopause, pregnancy loss, or fertility treatment.   The move comes alongside a proposed bill that, if passed, would make hormone replacement therapy free for those going through menopause in England. 

The goal of the Kellogg’s policy change is to help staff feel more psychologically safe at work and to end the stigma surrounding menopause.   Managers will be trained how to talk with employees about menopause and pregnancy loss and according to a recent BBC News report, new policies will help create better equality and inclusion in the workplace. 

Because menopause isn’t often discussed publicly, there are many misconceptions about the symptoms. Brain fog, a common symptom during menopause, for example, may sometimes be confused for dementia.  Without support in the workplace, according to The Menopause Charity, about 10 percent of women quit their job because of menopause symptoms.  

Women going through menopause not only often suffer from hot flashes and night sweats, but many women feel isolated and experience increased stress levels which can take a significant toll on mental as well as physical health. 

Activists also advocate better training for medical students about the physical and mental symptoms and treatment options for women in menopause.  Women are increasingly a strong component of the workforce and with the help of law changes, support groups, and better education and awareness, women in menopause no longer need to put up with suffering in silence. 

Learn more about perimenopause and menopause awareness, education, and support by following this link to the Menopause Cafe website. And stay informed on the latest recommendations for the treatment of menopausal symptoms at the Office on Women’s Health website.