Move Manager Eases Transition to Smaller Space

Even with the recent shift towards minimalism and the mass decluttering and purging that took place during COVID lockdowns, many older adults have a difficult time parting with their accumulated belongings.  And despite what a treasured collection of Depression-era glass may be to some, younger generations have no desire to be burdened with grandma’s dusty trinkets.  Preparing for a move and downsizing can be an overwhelming undertaking for seniors, and often for their adult children, but a seniors move manager can help ease the transition with services to pare down, pack, and move older adults into smaller housing or assisted living communities. 

Senior move managers are uniquely trained to help older adults sort, organize and plan for a move.  Older adults are usually moving into a much smaller space and move managers can help clients determine which pieces will fit in the floor plan, create a familiar feeling of home, and coordinate the sale, donation or discarding of unnecessary items.  Because of the emotionally-charged nature of going through a lifetime of possessions, it can sometimes be easier for a professional to step in to guide the process.  

Although the cost of hiring a move manager can range, according to a recent New York Times report, between $65 and $125 per hour, the investment can be worthwhile to minimize stress and anxiety.  Some people only purchase certain services rather than the whole package, and family members may share in the cost to lift some of the financial burden.  

Moving can be difficult for older adults who are often faced with making the decision because of health, mobility, or financial issues.  A move manager is trained to be a good listener and will be able to work with seniors who have cognitive problems.  Many families find that a professional, outside individual can tackle the tough issues that would lead loved ones into battle.  

Learn more about finding a seniors move manager and how the process works by following this link to the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers.