More Seniors Have Post-Retirement “Side Hustle”

Earning a little extra income each month with a “side hustle” is not just for young adults trying to pay off school debt, save to buy their first home or take a once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Older adults often take on part-time work after retirement to supplement their pension or social security allowance or to stay active and engaged later in life.  According to Forbes, nearly 300,000 people start some sort of side gig each month, and a recent Side Hustle Nation study found that 1 in 12 of those hustlers are between the ages of 55 and 65 – 1 in 25 are 65 and older. 

Many older adults continue to work as consultants in their field post-retirement or turn a hobby or passion into a part-time income earner.  Some retirees use their creativity and skill to make art, textiles, or furniture while others focus on helping others and giving back to their community.  Many older adults also work at jobs where they will reap the benefits of travel, consumer goods and services, or other staff discounts.  

Most retirees look for jobs that offer flexibility so they can still enjoy holidays with family, travel, and spend time with their grandchildren or play their weekly game of pickleball.  Working on cruise ships offers the benefit of travelling and meeting new people while driving for a ride-share service provides control over one’s schedule.   Social interaction and physical activity, along with a cognitive challenge are often motivating factors that lead retirees to take on paid or volunteer work later in life. 

With years of experience to share, teaching or tutoring can be a rewarding part-time gig for older adults.  Freelance writing, coaching, photography, translating or computer tech support are all areas where retirees can share their knowledge while staying active and engaged, earning a few extra bucks and giving purpose to each day.  Because most side hustles are solo endeavours, they are ideal for retirees who still want to have some degree of control over their time and schedule to enjoy their “golden years”.  

Other ways to earn income after retirement include renting out a room, or listing your home on a short-term rental site while you travel.  Homeowners can also earn income by renting out their private pool, sporting equipment or tools.  Part-time bookkeeping or tax preparation work, handyman services, pet sitting, dog walking, gardening and selling produce, or meal preparation for busy families are also great side gigs for retirees. 

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