Moldable Glue Helps Transform Everyday Items

Duct tape may have finally met its match; a new moldable adhesive is gaining a following not only in the crafting and DIY communities, people with disabilities have discovered the product has many uses that help make daily life easier.  

Sugru, a glue that can be shaped into any form, adds grip and texture to everyday items like cane handles, oven knobs, wheelchair controllers or microwave oven panels to make it easier for people with impaired mobility or vision problems to remain independent.   The malleable glue sets strong after 30 minutes, turning into a durable and flexible silicone rubber.  It absorbs shock, is cold and heat resistant as well as waterproof making it ideal for outdoor gear or bathrooms.  The material also has good thermal and electrical insulation properties. 

Because Sugru is so flexible and is available in a number of colors, it can not only repair household items helping save them from the landfill while also giving your pocketbook a break, a contrasting color can make edges of steps, toilet seats or changes in flooring visible to people with poor sight.  Small puzzle pieces can be given a tiny handle to grasp and assistive devices can be kept close at hand by using the adhesive to attach a magnet.  

Sugru also has a strong following on Pinterest where you can explore even more uses for this relatively new and perhaps unfamiliar product. It can help make knitting needles more comfortable to hold, door handles easier to open and zipper pulls larger with a texture that’s better for arthritic hands to grasp. At a relatively low price-point, it’s worth a try!

From repairing running shoes to making it easier for people with a disability to grasp a fork, spoon or the bathroom sink taps, this material has endless uses.  Learn more by following this link to the company website where you can order the adhesive and find many more projects on the Surgu blog.