Mobile Passport App Helps Streamline Travel

As the harsh reality of cold and snow creeps ever closer, it may be time to start planning a getaway for when the weather gets ugly and the need for warmth and sunshine hits its peak. And according to a recent AARP report, a new mobile app could make traveling faster and easier for American citizens and Canadian visitors entering the United States.

Mobile Passport Control (MPC) allows users to download a free Mobile Passport app that will speed up the entry process into the U.S. by pre-screening users with inspection-related questions allowing officers to focus less on administration and more on physical inspections. Travelers will still be required to carry a physical passport and take a selfie and answer questions with each new trip. As passengers are waiting to get off a plane or ship, they will be prompted to answer standard questions and then sent a bar code. The Mobile Passport Control express line will be labelled and travelers should be ready to scan their bar code on a smart device and show a physical passport.

The free Mobile Passport app requires a smartphone or tablet for use and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store. Twenty-six U.S. international airports and three sea ports will have MPC available. Although the basic app is free to use, a $15 premium form of the app allows users to store passport information, scan passports for details and avoid ads.

For frequent fliers or cruise ship passengers, the app can help speed up the process to re-enter the United States. And unlike TSA PreCheck, there is no in-person interview or costly application fee.

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