Medications Tool Coming to Apple Watch/iOS 16

Apple recently announced the launch of its new operating system iOS 16, due out in mid-September, and its latest smartwatch – the watchOS 9 which will be available next month, along with newly designed MacBooks.  In addition to many other features, the new watch and operating system updates will include a Medications app to track meds and supplements, and set reminders. 

Using the Health app on your Apple watch or smartphone, users can access health records, medications and dosages, labs, activity, and sleep.  Medications can be added to the health tracking app by scanning the bottle label or inputting the information manually.  The stored information can also be shared securely via Health Sharing with a healthcare provider and loved ones. 

By collecting health and fitness data from the Apple Watch or iPhone, the Health app consolidates information, eliminating the need for multiple apps.  The upcoming medication management tool will also provide alerts to users of any drug interactions.  Because many older adults take multiple medications, seniors are at greater risk for experiencing serious outcomes from drug interactions. 

Mobility and fall prevention are key factors in preventing a loss of independence among older adults.  The new Apple device updates will also provide insights into mobility data including walking steadiness, walking step length, and walking asymmetry.  Alerts can be set up to notify users if their steadiness is low or if they are at increased risk of falling. 

The upcoming Apple Watch will also be able to estimate how frequently people who have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation are in AFib using AFib History.  In the Health app, users can track lifestyle factors like exercise minutes, alcohol consumption, or sleep habits that may influence their condition.  

Learn more about the latest updates, features, and capabilities of Apple devices by watching the recent Keynote video