Lockbox Programs For Seniors

Smart home technology can make it easier for homeowners to keep their property safe and themselves more secure but many older adults aren’t receptive to video doorbells or locks that can be operated with a smartphone app.   However, there is a simple device communities across the United States are using to allow emergency responders to enter the home of an elderly resident without damaging property.

Lockboxes, like the kind used by real estate agents, near the door of an elderly adult who lives alone can save precious time in the event of an emergency and avoid smashing doors or windows.   Most seniors want to continue to live independently at home for as long as possible but chief among concerns that family may have is how to get help quickly in case of a medical emergency.   Loved ones may live a distance and not be able to arrive in time to open doors but when emergency responders have the access code to open a lockbox and retrieve a key, time is saved and expensive repairs prevented.

Lockbox programs set up by police or fire departments are not designed to be used by homeowners or neighbors who forget their key; too often the key is not returned to be used in case of a real emergency.  Only first responders are given the code or a master key to use in an emergency and often in combination with a home monitoring system.

Neighbors of elderly residents are often the first to notice if something is wrong by a change in routine but many seniors don’t want their house key given out, even to people they have known for years.   A lockbox system can give everyone some peace of mind that help will be able to get inside without a lot of unnecessary drama in the case of an emergency. 

To learn more about community lockbox programs follow this link to the American Association of Retired Persons website.