Ideas to Switch Things Up This Weekend

Although in many regions school is already back in session either in-person or virtually, the last long weekend of summer is nearly upon us and if you have grown weary of your routine, this the time to try something new.  Road trips are always a good way to recharge but if you are concerned about making pit-stops along the way, something closer to home may fit the bill.

With movie theaters shuttered in most cities, drive-ins have seen a recent surge in popularity.  The playground may be closed due to COVID-19 but grandkids will be excited to watch a double-feature under the stars. Pack a picnic dinner and bring a mask in case someone needs to use the facilities.  Some outdoor theaters have also been used to host live music events, keeping patrons safely distanced inside their vehicles. 

If you have been craving a swim but the local pool isn’t open, or feels unsafe, you can book a private pool by the hour using the Swimply app known as the Airbnb of swimming pools.  Just type in your location and search for pools in your area.  In-ground pools range from $30 to $60 per hour and many homeowners allow renters to use a patio fire pit or barbecue as well.  Restroom access may also be available and most hosts limit groups to 10 people. 

Dining inside restaurants may not appeal to older adults just yet, but while the weather is warm, establishments with outdoor seating can offer a welcome change of pace and a break for the household cook.   Many vineyards, cider mills, and breweries also offer outdoor tastings, food pairings, and music.  Be sure to book ahead as health precautions will limit the number of people permitted at any event.  You can also host your own backyard tasting and have fun creating food pairings and enjoy spending time outdoors with others. 

As the season begins to shift, a garden refresh may be in order.  Visit a local nursery for fall planting and decor ideas to extend the appeal of your outdoor space.  A little puttering in the garden can boost mood, provide immune-supporting vitamin D, and help regulate a natural wake-sleep cycle.  Digging in the dirt is not only a great way to move more, it is a natural stress-reliever. 

However you decide to spend the last summer holiday weekend of 2020; reading, gardening, cycling, or floating down a river, soak it up!  Before you know it, the leaves will be changing and the frost will be on the pumpkin once again.