Home Security for Aging in Place

The news is filled with tragedies from around the world but often it’s the crime or injuries that occur close to home that fill our hearts and minds with worry.

Just days ago, the local news reported that a 77-year-old woman was blindfolded and bound to a chair in the middle of the day during a home invasion that took place much too close for comfort.  The woman was able to free herself and get help from a neighbour but the suspect escaped and no arrests have been made to date.

As an increasing number of older adults prepare for “aging in place,” taking steps to minimize dangers will be part of planning for a hopefully long and healthy retirement.  Armed with the knowledge of how to manage a potentially dangerous situation can help seniors living independently stay safe.

Home Security Tips for Seniors

  • Know your neighbours…when people you trust know your general daily routine they will notice when something is amiss and can get help
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Make sure your locks (as well as the door and frame) are in good working order and sturdy
  • Consider installing a security system
  • Never unlock the door for someone you don’t know
  • Ask for credentials and identification for any workers scheduled and plan to have company during the visit if you live alone
  • Keep doors locked even during the day
  • Store an extra key with a neighbour rather than in a hiding place
  • Keep all main floor windows secured
  • Use motion sensor lights outdoors around any doors or windows

For a complete senior guidebook to safety and security, visit the Royal Canadian Mounted Police website at:  http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/pubs/ccaps-spcca/seniors-aines-eng.htm#home .