Gifts Ideas Older Moms Will Appreciate

With only a week left before Mother’s Day, children, grandchildren and husbands are hopefully starting to work on a plan to celebrate the matriarch in their lives.  But older moms may be ready for a change of pace after perhaps 20, 30 or 40 years receiving similar gifts or being taken out for a fairly predictable Sunday brunch.

In keeping with changing attitudes about collecting things (less is more) and not wanting to add or create clutter, many families are opting to give the gift of an experience rather than flowers, perfume or keepsakes.  For aging mothers who may be downsizing, one more teacup or bath product basket may not be the best or the most thoughtful gift.  Really, what moms everywhere want is time with their children and grandchildren and in a busy world the best and most valuable gift we have to offer is our time.

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

  • Buy tickets to a concert, play or sporting event she will enjoy
  • An escape room event might be fun for the whole family
  • Take a trip to the nursery and help plant annuals
  • Have a family bbq and enjoy relaxed time together
  • Book a mani-pedi with all the family girls
  • Purchase a membership to a gym or yoga studio
  • Turn all those photos and home movies into a photo book or video diary
  • Reprint treasured family recipes in a book with large print
  • Purchase a gift certificate for a massage therapist to ease any aches or pains
  • Think of helpful assistive devices, a long-handled shoe horn or a jar opener (careful not to ruffle any feathers with this one)

If mom is looking to downsize or make a move, helping her make arrangements, purge and organize for her new space is an invaluable gift.  Talking through a move without taking over can help ease a sometimes difficult transition period.  And decorating a new place can be so much fun!  Whatever you do for mother’s day this year, enjoy the moment and don’t forget to take lots of pictures.