FlyLady Cleaning Surges in Popularity

Unsettled spring weather derailing your garden plans?  A surefire way to feel like you accomplished something this weekend is to tackle an indoor project. Big or small, cleaning and decluttering just one area of the house can be an instant mood-booster.   In recent years the KonMari method of organizing has dominated the media but a new specialist is gaining popularity on Pinterest.  The FlyLady system is far less invasive and time-consuming, breaking up projects into manageable 15-minute sessions.  Perfect for older adults preparing to downsize. 

According to a post in Better Homes & Gardens, the FlyLady Technique is surging in popularity on Pinterest, surpassing Marie Kondo’s method in recent months.  Overwhelmed with working from home, supervising online schooling or staying on top of disinfecting and organizing, many people are inspired by a new approach that focuses on shorter bouts of cleaning and establishing new routines that will help users stay on track in the long term. 

The FlyLady approach, named for the creator Marla Cilley’s love of fly fishing, may also appeal to men who are looking for a quick project that doesn’t including dumping all of one’s clothes on the bed.  Maybe the focus is a kitchen counter that attracts paper clutter or the entryway that seems to be a dumping ground for every shoe and boot in the household.  By tacking these different zones, one area at a time, and not only discarding some items but creating a new system, over time there will be less to clean up, alleviating the stress the comes from disorganization. 

What if your “junk drawer” was organized and it didn’t take half an hour to find a paperclip or AAA battery?   It’s a quick fix using dividers or repurposing small containers; but the long-term benefits can result in a more efficient, smoothly running household.  While you are decluttering a space, have a box or two at the ready for items that are ready for donation or a socially-distanced garage sale.   

For more ideas about how to get started on cleaning, decluttering and organizing your living space while having fun follow this link to  When it comes time to downsize, having an organized, clutter-free home will be a blessing to you and your loved ones.  With fewer household items scattered around, older adults can stay safer at home, reducing the risk for trip and fall accidents.