Finding Love in Unexpected Places

With rising divorce rates, a growing proportion of older adults today are single and because women tend to live longer and marry men older than themselves, they are more likely to live alone.  Single men don’t do as well alone as women, who thrive on their own, and they are more likely to pair up again, often quickly after the loss of a spouse.  But regardless of age or gender, many single older adults are hoping to find love again, especially with the ceaseless reminders of the approaching holiday for couples; Valentine’s Day.  And dating apps aside, one of the best places to find love isn’t a bar or nightclub, it’s often the supermarket.

Grocery stores have come a long way in recent years and they often boast a coffee or wine bar, tasting events and deliver shopping for food, wine or beer as a pleasurable customer experience.  All this attention to ambiance, complete with inviting sitting areas, can create the perfect opportunity to meet a potential companion.   And with a common interest in food or wine, it’s easy to open an exchange without the pressures of a blind date. 

Whether striking up a conversation in the wine aisle at Trader Joe’s or sharing a fondness for gouda at the cheese counter in Whole Foods, finding a mate at a supermarket can be a more organic way to meet.  Chances are you live geographically close to one another, which is an added benefit.  

Tips for Finding Love in the Grocery Aisle

  • Be approachable, put your phone away and make eye contact.
  • The deli, checkout line or wine aisle are good places to start.  Avoid the personal care department for striking up a conversation; awkward!
  • Scan for wedding rings or signs of shopping for a family.
  • Be relaxed, friendly and natural; no stalking. 
  • Start a conversation, if the opportunity presents itself.
  • If the chatting is easy, take a risk and ask them for a coffee sometime and offer your phone number. 

By opening yourself up and being present in the moment, you might be surprised to find others respond well to face-to-face interaction.  We are so busy in our lives and on our devices, we may not even realize how important social interaction is to our health and happiness.  Even if you don’t meet the love of your life at the meat counter, you may find new friends and a greater sense of community.