Fall Detection Wearable Sends for Help – Even if You’re Unconscious

Innovations in technology are increasingly helping seniors remain independent and active, even when they live alone and are not geographically close to family.  Electronic medication minders can organize even the most complex regimes, homes can be fitting with sensors to alert family when routines are not followed and smart home devices can allow temperature, lighting and security systems to be monitored remotely.  And soon a wearable, designed specifically for older adults, will help seniors stay safe when they venture away from home.

Available now for pre-order, MyNotifi is a fall detection wristband that is linked with a smartphone app, allowing the wearer to continue their regular activities while staying connected with loved ones.  In the event of a fall,  a text will be sent to pre-programmed family members, friends or other loved ones, even if the person wearing the device in unconscious.  Help can also be requested in any emergency situation by tapping the wristband. The wearable comes in a variety of colors, is easy to fasten and also comes loaded with 38 exercises deigned to improve strength and mobility among older adults, helping to prevent falls.

Without being tethered to a landline, seniors can continue to enjoy the activities they love while giving families peace of mind that their love-one won’t be lying in pain for hours until someone realizes something is wrong. The rechargeable, waterproof device costs $299 but there is no monthly monitoring fee or contract. 

Falls are the leading cause of injuries, including broken hips and head injuries, among seniors and often drives a move into assisted living. An estimated 1 in 4 American seniors will experience a fall each year and every 11 seconds an older adults is treated in an emergency room for a fall.

Learn more about MyNotifi and it’s partnership with the National Senior Corps Association here