Eyeglass Frames that Deliver Oxygen Help Improve Self Esteem

From nearly undetectable hearing aids to eyeglass frames that deliver oxygen, assistive technology and design has vastly improved in the past few years; even Target has it’s own line of adaptive clothing.  All these advances help people feel more comfortable out in public which can only improve overall well being and help seniors and other people with chronic illness or disability stay connected with their communities.

A number of chronic health conditions can decrease lung function and require the use of supplemental oxygen including COPD, pneumonia, asthma, late stage heart failure, cystic fibrosis and sleep apnea.  Oxygen therapy improves survival and quality of life in patients with serious health conditions that affect lung function.  It can improve sleep, decrease fatigue and help patients stay more active.

Oxy-View eyeglass frames are designed to not only hold a prescription lens but also discreetly deliver oxygen through tubes that run through the arms of the glasses and dispense oxygen into the nose via small curved tubes at the nose piece.   Besides making people using supplemental oxygen feel more at ease in social situations, the frames also eliminate the lines and discomfort that a traditional nasal cannula create.  The maximum capacity of flow is up to 5 liters and the frames are FDA approved.   Oxygen supply can be carried in a back pack or shoulder bag.

There are a number of different oxygen therapy eyewear styles and sizes available to order online which can then be fitted with a prescription lens at your local optical dispensary.   Always remember that oxygen is highly flammable and tanks should be stored away from heat sources and kept upright at all times.  Never smoke while using oxygen or when near someone using supplemental oxygen.

Learn more about oxygen therapy by following this link to the National Institute of Health.