Essentrics – Aging Backwards with Flexibility and Strength

Older adults who enjoy the benefits of a local seniors’ centre may have noticed a newer class in the group exercise offerings besides Yoga, Tai Chi, or strength training.  Essentrics, created by former professional Canadian ballerina, and author of the Aging Backwards series, Miranda Esmonde-White, promotes flexibility, mobility, and strength while boosting energy and metabolism. 

Esmonde-White created the Essentrics method more than 20 years ago using dynamic stretching to engage all the muscles of the body.  The technique became popular for athletes to help improve their performance. The program’s success led to the creation of the Classic Stretch fitness show which ran for 20 years on PBS. 

The slower-paced and gentle exercises help support healthy aging, with workouts for every fitness level.  While many fitness centers offer in-person Essentrics classes, they are also available to stream or watch by purchasing one or more of the 30 DVDs available.  

Rather than basing fitness on step counts, speed or muscle mass, Essentrics focuses on how well an individual can move freely, without pain, and live an active lifestyle.  Combining strengthening and stretching exercises, the classes help people of all ages build a strong, toned body with the freedom to move joints and muscles and enjoy a full range of motion.  

Individualized workouts help to address health and performance, shape and sculpt the body, or turn back the clock on aging by relieving aches and pains, improving circulation, boosting metabolism, increasing bone density, and strengthening and toning muscles.  Athletes can improve their recovery and performance and prevent pain with targeted exercises for flexibility, strength and agility. 

Based in Montreal, Esmonde-White continues to write, train, and teach Essentrics to help prevent injuries and promote a greater health span by educating people about the connection between flexibility and mobility.  Balance is also key to maintaining power, speed, and a full range of motion.  Learn more by joining the Essentrics Community here.