Dance Company Helps Seniors Improve Balance

Staying active with regular activity is a cornerstone of aging with greater health and independence but many seniors lack the strength, agility, and balance that can prevent falls leading to injury.  But thanks to the help of a dance company with rebellious roots, older adults are receiving training in the art of balance that has seniors moving their bodies in new ways and developing the skills to promote lifelong mobility.  

According to a recent CBS News report, members of Pilobolus, founded in 1971 by Dartmouth College grads, have created a class for seniors to help older adults maintain and develop their range of motion, cardiovascular health, strength, and balance.  Because falls among seniors are a leading cause of hospitalization, improving balance becomes more important as people age to support independent living. 

The classes are taught in-person in western Connecticut, but instructors used their time during the pandemic to widen the reach through video classes offered online for a small fee. The Pilobolus dance classes not only help seniors stay active and physically healthy, but they also connect people with one another through art and movement.  As many seniors struggled with many months of social isolation, small in-person pods or online groups offered people a lifeline during a time fraught with anxiety, fear, loneliness and uncertainty. 

To watch an introductory balance video, follow this link to a Pilobolus video on YouTube. And for more information about classes visit the Pilobolus official website here.  Pilobolus has recently expanded its offerings to include a streaming video series for $14.99/month that includes access to all Connecting with Balance videos as well as themed live events.  The classes help older adults move more, recover from injury, improve balance and enjoy a better quality of life with a reawakening of the senses, joy, and greater independence.