Bullet Journaling – Productivity with Mindfulness

For many, Sunday is a day to regroup, recharge and prepare both physically and mentally for the week ahead.  Although the wider distribution of vaccines is cause for optimism, some people are experiencing a persistent feeling of uncertainty about the future or a general lack of enthusiasm and hopefulness about life.  Bullet Journaling is a relatively new tool that may help people get unstuck and achieve greater mindfulness, organization, productivity, and learning with an efficient and sustainable method.

The past year has been a stressful one for many people, and life can feel untethered without the schedules we once relied on to give shape and meaning to our days.  Enter the Bullet Journal (BuJo for short) – created by designer Ryder Carroll to help organize his own thoughts.  It is a method that is equal parts planner, diary, and written meditation that helps people not only become more productive but also meet their goals and reflect on experiences. 

While there are official bullet journals, the technique will work with any journal or notebook or using a digital version.  Using customizable symbols for tasks, events, notes, priorities, and inspirations, the BuJo method helps people rapidly log their future goals and events while tracking things like finance, food, fitness, or reading.   An index at the front of your notebook will contain a symbol key and table of contents.  

For beginners, Carroll suggests creating a monthly log to organize goals and priorities and then gradually start adding daily bullet journaling.  Creative types may add drawings and color or mantras for inspiration to keep them moving in the direction that is most important.  Journaling can also help relieve anxiety by creating a plan to accomplish goals that seem overwhelming while motivating growth and productivity.  

Journaling has also been found to help boost memory, inspire creativity, explore emotions and take stock of past successes and failures paving the way to a greater understanding of oneself and others.  The accountability of journaling can also strengthen healthy habits and boost self-confidence.  

Learn more by following this link to the Bullet Journal website or watch a short video on YouTube that helps explain the BuJo method.