Break Up the Binge By Streaming Fitness Videos

Bitter temperatures and hazardous road conditions may have many older adults staying indoors this January but binge watching The Crown on Netflix isn’t your only streaming option.  In a digital, all-access age,  being house-bound doesn’t have to mean couch-bound; there are a number of options that will put your video subscription services to good use helping you stay active this winter.

Although Netflix got rid of their workout video online content a few years ago, an Amazon Prime membership will give you access to everything from yoga class to kickboxing, right in the comfort of your living room.  YouTube is also a good source for workout videos that don’t require a trip to the local library or even the mailbox.  Check out BeFit, JessicaSmithTV or Popsugar Fitness for a start or you can follow your favorite trainers through their website or app.

Those with a free membership to The Oldish can find a series of exercises under the Toolkit. Exercises are available in three languages for aging seniors who are able to exercise seated, standing or moving.

No matter what the weather or your budget, there is really no excuse left not to get up and get moving.  A sedentary lifestyle, or The Sitting Disease, is also referred to as the “new smoking”.  Sitting for more than two hours at a stretch is linked to an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer but research has found that moving every 30 minutes or so can counter the effects of prolonged sitting.

The World Health Organization recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.  Brisk walking, cycling or participating in another physical activity for an hour each day could lower your risk for premature death, according to an Australian study published recently in The Lancet journal.

Before beginning any new activity, it’s important to first consult your doctor and start out slowly, gradually increasing duration and intensity.  To learn more about how prolonged sitting can affect your health, visit the Mayo Clinic website by following this link.