Board Games to Connect the Generations

The holiday break is just days away and for many, it will be the first time in over a year that extended families have gathered in person to celebrate.  With so much distressing news in circulation, it’s important for loved ones to find ways to unplug from media and spend time enjoying one another’s company.  A new family board game that is inclusive for all generations may be just the ticket to decompress and enjoy a laugh or two with children, young adults, parents, and grandparents. 

A quick perusal of the local bookstore is bound to provide inspiration for gifts that give families an opportunity to get off screens and interact with one another in person.  But some traditional games are either too advanced for kids to participate in, or don’t appeal to older generations. Mind The Gap, A Trivia Game for the Generations, includes pop culture trivia for Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials, and Generation Z.   Everyone feels included and the familiar topics are from many categories.  What family doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition? 

If trivia isn’t your family’s bag – there are always classic board games like Scrabble and Chess or perhaps games like Cribbage, or Backgammon.  Playing games helps older adults feel more socially connected with their children and grandchildren and provides an excellent opportunity to share stories.  Research has found that games that require memory, reasoning, and quick thinking help to protect brain health and cognition in older age. 

Seniors with mild early symptoms of dementia can also participate in a game night or afternoon. Call to Mind The Communication Game was designed to help players recall moments from their past and strengthen memories.  It’s easy to play, and younger family members may be surprised by the interesting conversations that ensue from the prompts. 

Enjoy spending time with family this year, try to get away from electronic devices for at least part of the day, and if possible, plan a few outdoor activities.  When people return to their regular routine, it can be following a rejuvenating break.