Bluetooth Tracking Keeps Tabs on Your Stuff

When adults reach a certain age, many will find that even after laser correction they need a pair of reading glasses.  For those who have dedicated prescription driving glasses, sunglasses, or computer lenses, it can become challenging to keep track of the proper eyeglasses for each purpose.  But short of buying readers in bulk or keeping various eyeglasses on a lanyard around your neck, new tiny Bluetooth tracking devices help keep tabs on glasses, keys, earbuds, or other small items that frequently go missing – now you’ll know who took the phone charger!

Orbit Glasses is a tiny, rechargeable, long-lasting tracking device that can be stuck inside the frame of glasses where it will be unnoticeable.  With a smartphone app, lost eyeglasses can be discovered on a GPS map or caused to ring.  The battery lasts up to a month and also works with the digital assistant Alexa.  Orbit also makes small devices for wallets, keys, and other easily lost items.   Orbit Protect allows users to alert family and friends of their location with the push of a button, even when their smartphone is on silent.  In the United States, with a subscription, emergency help can be dispatched using the Noonlight safety app. 

Early to the Bluetooth tracking game, Tile,  can be attached to keys, purses, backpacks, or devices.  Tile uses a replaceable water-resistant battery that lasts up to one year.  Slim is a credit card size tracker for use in wallets and the Sticker can be attached to remote controls, valuables, or other items that are often lost.  Tile products are compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS platforms and with the Tile app, users can find their lost item on a map or instruct the device to ring.   The new Fitbit Inspire 2 comes with Tile technology that can be activated with the latest software so it’s easy to keep track of your wearable – Mother’s Day gift idea perhaps?

For Apple users, the newly-released AirTag helps people keep track of their belongings with the Find My app or by using Siri to find lost items by playing a sound on the built-in speaker.   If the AirTag is within range, an iPhone can lead you right to your missing item with Precision Finding.  The Bluetooth signal from AirTags is encrypted and anonymous to protect your privacy.  The water-resistant device uses a long-lasting replaceable battery.  Starting at a price tag of $29.00 for a single AirTag, and numerous key rings, loops, and straps, this little tracker could save hours of frustration or worry.