A Father’s Day to Celebrate!

For many students, school is out for summer break and after an extremely challenging year teachers, parents, grandparents, and kids are breathing a collective sigh of relief having made it through the ordeal.  Although Mother’s Day in May tends to get more attention, this year as Father’s Day approaches, families are excited to have something to celebrate and a bit more freedom to gather with loved ones.  

Backyard barbecues, golf or fishing outings, craft beer tastings – there is an activity for every kind of father, including stepdads, dog dads, and father figures of all types.  According to a recent Forbes article, retailers are seeing continued interest in the wellness market.  Grooming and self-care products are popular to encourage dad to spend a little time unwinding or prepare to get back out on the town.  A new beard trimmer perhaps?

For active dads, older age can come with a few more aches and pains.  A percussive massage device could help him recover from soreness or injury right at home. Tech dads will appreciate wireless earphones so they can listen to their favorite podcast while hitting the gym (or mowing the lawn). 

More fathers are taking a leading role in the kitchen and a new toy can make cooking for the family more fun.  A high-power blender can step up his smoothie game or an air fryer makes wings, fries, or veggies healthier by using little to no oil.   A food or beverage subscription is also a unique way to say thank you to dad for the important role he plays.  From cold-brewed coffee kits to quarterly hot sauce deliveries, there is something for every man’s taste. 

If Father’s Day is bittersweet because of a loss, families can find ways to honor the deceased with a visit to the cemetery or a gathering that reflects the person dad was and the legacy he leaves.  Estrangement between adult children and their fathers is not uncommon, even as men’s role in parenting evolves.  While many families are busy preparing celebrations, it’s important to offer compassion to fathers who have no one to celebrate them and to children who have become estranged from their fathers.