2020 Brings a Month of Black Fridays

As an epic week in American politics thankfully wraps up, many people are happily turning their attention away from stressful and serious matters to plan for the upcoming holidays, in whatever shape they may take.  With continued social distancing regulations in place due to rising COVID-19 cases, traditional “Black Friday” sales have given way to a month-long wave of early-bird discounts available from online outlets.  Dubbed by the Internet as “Black November”, online shopping deals are dropping daily in an effort to keep people shopping while allowing for longer shipping timeframes. 

Although many people are still scaling back when it comes to purchasing gifts for the holiday season, with more time spent at home indoors during the winter months a new book, kitchen gadget, or smart home device may be in order.  For older adults, check out our new updated Oldish Gift Guide for many helpful, useful, and fun gifts seniors will appreciate.

As the pandemic ramps up while life moves indoors, it’s not too early to stock up on essentials, but please, NO toilet paper hoarding!  A digital thermometer, blood oximeter, tissues, and soup might be handy to have at the ready, just in case.  Of course, don’t forget to get your flu shot if you haven’t already. 

Instant Pots, Sous Vide cookers, and Air Fryers have been popular in the past few years but watch for 2020 wish lists to include steam ovens, vacuum sealers, and smart kitchen devices like a toaster that uses sensors to customize heating based on bread type, voltage level, and toaster temperature – no more burnt bagels!  

Although many people prefer to shop online, don’t forget about small local shops that may have unique gift ideas.  Many boutiques have websites as well as Instagram or Facebook pages to post merchandise and curbside pickup is usually available.  Gifts that offer a little extra comfort, entertainment, or health support can help to make staying home more enjoyable.  When in doubt, a subscription to an online class, a photo album, or a family cookbook make excellent gifts that won’t break the bank.