Stabilizing Spoon Helps Parkinson’s Patients

Adults with hand tremors due to Parkinson’s Disease or other medical conditions such as an essential tremor may be able to dine with more confidence thank to the development of a stabilizing spoon (with fork and soup attachments) which helps less food spill while eating.

Until recently, those with a hand tremor could only turn to weighted utensils, non-skid dishes and utensils that clip on the hand to help with eating a meal themselves.  These adaptive devices, while helpful, could not counteract the tremor.

According to a May 14, 2014 report from Michigan Public Radio, the spoon, developed by engineer Anupam Pathak cancelled out 70 per cent of the user’s hand tremor in clinical studies.  Pathak had been working with the United States Army on stabilizing technology for rifles when he realized the tech could be applied to a spoon for those with hand tremors.

Liftware is available online through its company website and on Amazon.  It is available at a discounted price through the month of December, 2015.  On the horizon are devices for keeping a key steady (imagine trying to open a door with a shaking hand) and one for picking up small objects.

To learn more about Liftware, visit the company website at . Please note that this item is only available for shipping within the U.S. currently.